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Landlords Why Use Us?

Our service is friendly, personal and professional. We have been established since 1981 and have a very experienced team, aiming to give both landlords and tenants absolute satisfaction with our service. So why should you consider using Montrose Properties?

Montrose advertise in all the right places; through Rightmove, our own property website, social media and in our office window displays.

  • 72% of Montrose tenants initially responded to an online search
  • 18% of Montrose tenants were word of mouth recommendations
  • 10% of Montrose tenants responded to ‘To Let’ boards, passing trade past our office and other advertising

Montrose are able to give attention to business needs seven days a week with our out of hours contact for any emergency that may arise. You or your tenant can contact us day or night to report any maintenance issues that need urgent attention.

Montrose recognises that your letting will be more profitable in the long run if tenants are happy. This brings you a steadier cash flow and fewer intermediate expenses. To this end, without in any way reducing our loyalty to you, we aim to show interest in and concern for tenants we find for you. Long lets and renewed agreements mean fewer costly vacancies.

As well as having our in house maintenance team and a list of regular trade people that will provide cover for any eventuality, Montrose staff are personally knowledgeable about smaller maintenance issues. The result is that many problems are put right and the tenant satisfied without the expense of calling anyone in. This makes the letting more profitable for you and gives the tenant quick service. Furthermore, when a contractor is called in, we are sufficiently technically aware to retain control.

Unlike some, for whom property management is a side line, for us careful management of property is our speciality!

We realise that as well as the obvious requirement from the landlord to have their properties let as quickly as possible to good tenants at a reasonable rent, they also need to comply with the many legal obligations that a landlord has to be aware of from gas and electricity safety to landlord licensing.

According to recent research, modern private sector landlords have to be familiar with an estimated 50 Acts of Parliament and 70 pieces of regulation, covering not only core areas such as Landlord licensing, right to rent, public health and eviction, but touch on data protection, disability discrimination, race relations, anti-social behaviour and even terrorism.

You can take all the advantages of receiving regular rent from your property, without worrying about the day to day running. We do the practical work and see to all the administration whilst also acting on your behalf meeting the needs of the tenant during the tenancy. This ensures that the pleasure of rents received is not spoiled by the routine needs of even the best properties! You can have the assurance that your property is being well looked after.

We offer three levels of service; Let Only, Full Management and Management Plus. So, as you read on in the following pages, may we assure you once again that it is our purpose to give every satisfaction and look forward to the opportunity to do so.


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