Alan O'Gorman
We've just moved out of a flat we were renting with Montrose and I couldn't praise this letting agency high enough. Would have definitely rented with them again if we were staying in South Manchester. They are so friendly and helpful and responded to all of our maintenance concerns straight away. We also got our full deposit back quickly and hassle-free. I normally wouldn't bother writing reviews but so many agencies are bad and we've had really poor experiences with other agencies in the past so I feel Montrose really deserve credit for the way they operate. Would highly recommend going with them if you're looking for somewhere to rent.
Russell Kennaugh
Was really happy with the service I received from Montrose. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and helped make the process of renting easy and stress-free. They were also very quick with any repair issues I had with my flat. Would definitely recommend!
Luisa Mafra
Within the year I have spent in my current property I haven't had a problem with them. If anything goes wrong they take care of it in a flash. If I have a request they are always keen to answer. I can only say I am happy with their services and with the quick responses.
Zoe S
Probably the nicest lettings agents in the whole Manchester area, very professional, quick to respond and all very nice. If i hadn't moved out of Manchester I would have rented another property from them. Having a good letting agent is really rare in places like Manchester - Montrose are definitely one to trust.
James Ball
I found Montrose after graduating and moving to South Manchester. I rented a shared house with them and then a lovely one bedroom apartment in West Didsbury. I always found them to be friendly and helpful. A few years later, they looked after my home that I had purchased in Didsbury. I had 5 years of trouble-free letting while I worked abroad. I appreciated their low staff turnover and expertise in looking after my home.

Best letting agency in Manchester, thanks

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