Russell Kennaugh
"Was really happy with the service i received from Montrose. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable and helped make the process of renting easy and stress-free. They were also very quick with any repair issues i had with my flat. Would definitely recommend!"
Laura Boyes
"An excellent agent for landlords and tenants. They are professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They have such good knowledge of the legal aspects of letting and make a real effort to keep landlords informed of changes to legislation and tenants safe. They will go above and beyond to help with repairs and maintenance and really make letting your flat hassle-free. I would highly recommend them to both landlords and tenants."
N Watts
"Montrose Properties were our landlords last year, and they are fantastic! The team is friendly and have been generous with time and help. I had problems with starting up a direct debit at the start of the year, and Montrose were very helpful and understanding about the issue. I felt as a tenant I was cared for and I couldn't recommend them more!"

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