Corona Reflections



Posted on Friday, April 10, 2020

Corona Reflections

Montrose has been helping house the people of South Manchester for 39 years. Montrose Avenue being the first 'bedsit' on the books to find a tenant for. Who knew that tenant would become part of all our lives delivering sounds of house & garage to us all on Piccadilly Radio 261. Yep, I still have the window sticker!

That same little house also housed my grandma Gladys not to mention her 37 grandchildren visiting for tea & cake watching her knitting!  And still to this day we have a house on our books on Montrose Ave still housing tenants in wonderful West Didsbury.

Long gone are the days of the beaten down Burton Road and the withering Withington hospital. Now we have the vibrancy of a busy bountiful Burton Road and welcome community spirit of all who reside and visit West Didsbury.

After being part of the community throughout my life and seeing many changes, & enjoying every minute I feel very uneasy of the prospect of not sitting in my Lapwing Lane office which has seen thousands of people through our door, landlords, tenants, contractors, friends, family and our local community Bobby popping in for a brew whilst out in his beat.

Watching people walk past on their usual route to catch the bus or tram to work , the children of local schools with tabards & hats taking a weekly trip out, the couples & families off for a celebration in the plethora of eateries we are blessed with. 

This presently I am missing. Who knew I would feel so bereft at leaving my office on its own. 

From Wheeldons to Warwick Ave, The Lime tree to Leamington Ave, Greens to Georgia Ave. I'm sure we are all feeling in a similar way.

Stay safe Stay home and I look forward to footfall upon our steps once more.

Jen 30th March 2020 

Jennifer Wildblood (owner/director Montrose Properties)


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